2014 Nominees

  1. Voters may choose only one (1) title or name in each category.
  2. Only one ballot per person/computer entry.
  3. The following categories are selected by the adjudication panels and/or Brickenden board only: The Chris Doty Award, Bravest Production, Special Award, and Original Script.
  4. The 2014 nominations will close on December 29, 2014 at noon.




Solo Performance

There must be at least three solo productions for this category to be awarded.

Youth Drama

Youth Musical

Original Script

The Original Script category is selected by a separate reading panel. Eligible scripts are listed below.

  • Catherine G Leatherdale (Fred Exclamation Point! The Musical)
  • Denise Hay (JUDY: Stonewalled!)
  • Erin J. Walker (Shadfly)
  • Jayson McDonald (The City That Eats You)
  • Paul Kinsella (Academia Nuts)
  • Robyn Israel (Edith Spanner)
  • Trish West (Skin Deep)


Lead Actor

Lead Actress

Supporting Actress

Supporting Actor



Set Design

Sound Design