Celebrating Theatrical Excellence in London

Welcome to the Brickenden Awards website. Here you can find out about our flourishing independent live theatre scene as well as take an active role in becoming part of London’s own annual live theatre awards.

The 2020 Brickenden Awards

Unfortunately, we will not be hosting the Brickenden Awards even virtually this year. As per our earlier announcement, those shows that were juried at the beginning of the year 2020 will be eligible for the upcoming award season when it starts again. We look forward to celebrating the arts and returning to live theatre here in London.

The 2019 Brickenden Awards

Musicals win big at this year’s Brickenden awards! Read the London Free Press coverage here.

Check out our photo booth gallery from before and after the show!

Sookie Mei’s lifelong contribution to London theatre is far from over.

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