Best Original Script 2021

Sean Brennan receives Brickenden for Best Original
26 Apr 2022 – London, ON – Local playwright, director, and actor Sean Brennan’s Finding
Hyde earned him a Brickenden Award for Best Original Script.
While the awards ceremony has been on pandemic-related hold since 2020, the Brickendens continued
to accept original script submissions, provided they met regular eligibility requirements. “Writers kept
writing through the pandemic,” explained Jeremy Greenway, chair of the Original Script panel and
Brickenden board member. “We wanted to celebrate as much about local theatre as we could given the
realities it continues to face.”
Brennan, a member of Banished by the King Productions, is no stranger to local theatre. “Over the last
few years, I have had the privilege of being in the audience for many of Sean’s original plays. It is
great to be able to honour him with this award,” said Brickenden board chair Jane Hanbuch.
Finding Hyde presents a fictional remounting of T.R. Sullivan’s script of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll
and Mr. Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Gothic novella first published in 1886. In his author’s note,
Brennan writes that the show is “about duality—in philosophy of theatre, science, and interpersonal
and romantic relationships.”
In March, the Brickendens presented the prestigious Chris Doty Award to outgoing Grand Theatre
executive director Deb Harvey. As pandemic conditions continue to evolve, board members hope to
restore a comprehensive slate of award categories for 2023.
The award was presented to Brennan on Wednesday, April 27 at 5:00pm at the Palace Theatre by
longtime Brickenden volunteer Al Green, dressed in his customary top hat and tails for the occasion.