About the Brickenden Awards

Why do the Brickendens exist?

To celebrate and acknowledge excellence in independent theatre in London, in recognition of the continued burgeoning of new and non-mainstream theatre groups in London since the mid-90s.

The Birth of the Brickendens

In 2002, Christopher Doty, resident critic for the Theatre in London website, proposed filling an information gap by compiling a listing of the best shows of the year, thus recapping the year in London, Ontario live theatre. Jeff Culbert, co-founder of the Theatre in London website, turned Doty’s idea into a competition where nominees would be posted on the website, followed by an announcement of the winners on New Year’s Day.

In December 2002, Theatre in London co-founder and webmaster Sean Wilson created an on-line voting system for members of the public. Two sets of winners, critic’s choice and people’s choice, were created. These awards, in name only, were called The Brickendens, in honour of the late local actress, director and playwright, Catharine Brickenden.

What is the structure of the Brickenden Board?

The Brickenden Board consists of the Chairperson and administration. The Board governs all aspects of the Brickenden Awards.

What is the make-up of the current Brickenden Board?

They are committed individuals with a love of and varied experience in live theatre. For example, theatre columnists; those with experience in arts administration; those who have been involved in live theatre, but currently are not actively involved; members of the media with an interest in the arts; or avid theatregoers.

Brickenden Board

  • Patsy Morgan – Chair
  • Matt Loop – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Richard Gilmore
  • Jen Loop
  • Rod Keith
  • Cora Linden
  • Tanya Ullyatt
  • Michael James Brown

Panel Members

The “core” Panel members are responsible for viewing a minimum of 60% of all registered productions. This means that a minimum of 5 core panel members will have seen every registered production presented in London; in the case of youth productions, a minimum of 3 panel members.

Core Panel

  • Bryan McLennon
  • Carol McKenna
  • Deb Laverty
  • Delilah Deane Cummings
  • Jacqui Vandale
  • Jane Hanbuch
  • Laurie Bursch
  • Robin Rundle Drake
  • Susan Price

Youth Panel

  • Angela Burwash
  • Barbara Weisdorf
  • Joanna Kerr
  • Karen Bailey
  • Rachel Weisdorf

Original Script Panel

  • Jeremy Greenway
  • Rod Keith
  • Rosemary Moreau
  • Tim Condon

What does the Brickenden Board do?

The Brickenden Board presents annual awards recognizing outstanding work in all aspects of live independent theatre staged in London during the previous year. Awards are presented in the following categories:

outstanding director of the year
Actor – Male
outstanding actor of the year
Actor – Female
outstanding actor of the year
Supporting Actor – Male
outstanding supporting actor of the year
Supporting Actor – Female
outstanding supporting actor of the year
outstanding lighting design of the year
outstanding set design of the year (including props)
outstanding sound design of the year
outstanding costume design of the year
outstanding makeup design of the year
Original Script
outstanding original script by a local playwright
outstanding drama production of the year
Youth Drama
outstanding drama production produced by a cast and crew under the age of 17
Youth Musical
outstanding musical production produced by a cast and crew under the age of 17
Musical Production
outstanding musical production of the year
outstanding comedy production of the year — includes any form of comedy based on a script (i.e. does not include stand-up comedy, ventriloquism or novelty acts unless they have been encompassed within a play)

Panel members attend up to one hundred productions a year.

Nominations are made by the juror panels and the public from the list of eligible registered productions at the end of December. When the nomination process is complete, the juror panels and the public (via an online vote) select the award recipients in all categories. The awards are presented at an awards ceremony in January.

One award is selected solely by the juror panel members. The Chris Doty Award is given to an individual or organization to honour their lifelong contributions to theatre in London.

Eligibility & Registration

For detailed information about production eligibility or to register your production, visit the Register a Production page.


If you are unsure if your production is eligible or have questions, please contact the Brickenden Awards Committee.