Nominees and Winners 2014

The 2014 Brickenden Awards

Wolf Performance Hall
Monday, January 26, 2015
Hosted by Matt Loop and Harry Edison

Outstanding Female Actor Supporting Role

  • Alyson Nichols (Myrtle O’Connor, Edith Spanner)
  • Dinah Watts (Vera Charles, Mame)
  • Kathleen Watkins (Dainty June, Gypsy)
  • Sookie Mei (Love, Loss and What I Wore)
  • Vanessa Woodford (Dr. Emma Brookner, The Normal Heart)

Outstanding Female Actor Lead Role

  • Angela Southern (Mama Rose, Gypsy)
  • Deborah Mitchell (Linda, Death of a Salesman)
  • Jessica Ducharme (Cheryl, Evil Dead: The Musical)
  • Sarah Green (Ernestine, The Anger In Ernest And Ernestine)
  • Steph Christiaens (Jo, A Few Good Men)

Outstanding Male Actor Lead Role

  • Andre Cormier (Kaffee, A Few Good Men)
  • Dave Semple (Courette, Hosanna)
  • Jayson McDonald (Magic Unicorn Island (previously titled World War Three))
  • Kyle Blair (Billy Bishop, Billy Bishop Goes To War)
  • Mark Nocent (Ash, Evil Dead: The Musical)

Outstanding Set Design

  • David Long (Mame)
  • David Long and Stephen Mitchell (Noises Off)
  • John Iglesias (Evil Dead: The Musical)
  • Mark Killeen (A Few Good Men)
  • Mark Mooney (Hosanna)

Outstanding Comedy

  • Love, Loss and What I Wore (London Community Players)
  • Magic Unicorn Island (previously titled World War Three) (Stars And Hearts)
  • Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (Wortley Repertory Theatre)
  • Noises Off (London Community Players)
  • Sylvia (Maybles’ Productions)

Outstanding Musical

  • Evil Dead: The Musical (Iglesia Productions)
  • Gypsy (Musical Theatre Productions)
  • Little Shop of Horrors (The King’s Players Theatre Company)
  • Rent (Theatre Western)
  • The Full Monty (Fuse Productions)

Outstanding Drama

  • A Few Good Men (By the Book Theatre)
  • Death of a Salesman (London Community Players)
  • Hosanna (Double D Productions in association with London Community Players)
  • The Normal Heart (London Community Players)
  • Venus In Fur (Fountainhead Theatreworks and London Community Players)

Outstanding Male Actor Supporting Role

  • Alex Bogaert (Dawson, A Few Good Men)
  • David Bogaert (Jessep, A Few Good Men)
  • Sam Shoebottom (Jake, Evil Dead: The Musical)
  • Todd Baubie (Sir Thomas Godfrey, Queen Milli of Galt)
  • Will Frasinelli (Young Patrick Dennis, Mame)

Outstanding Makeup

  • Carol Contant (Evil Dead: The Musical)
  • Charles Martin (Hosanna)
  • Heather Heywood (The Normal Heart)
  • Nicole Alcaidinho (Mr. Burns, a post-electric play)
  • Tessa Nanton (Rent)

Outstanding Original Script

  • Edith Spanner – Robyn Israel
  • Judy: Stonewalled – Denise Hay
  • Magic Unicorn Island (previously titled World War Three) – Jayson McDonald
  • Shadfly – Erin J. Walker
  • The City That Eats You – Jayson McDonald

The Chris Doty Award

  • London Community Players

Outstanding Youth Drama

  • Macbeth (OKTC)
  • The Dining Room (Theatre Laurier, Laurier S.S)
  • The Great Gatsby (Beal Drama)
  • The Matchmaker (London District Christian Secondary School)
  • Within and Without, The Flood (Nomad Theatre Project)

Outstanding Youth Musical

  • Monty Python’s Spamalot! (London Central Secondary School)
  • Singin’ in the Rain (OKTC)
  • The King and I (OKTC)
  • The Music Man (Beal Musical Theatre)
  • The Wedding Singer (OKTC)

Outstanding Costume Design

  • Becky Lenko and Kim McCuaig (Gypsy)
  • Becky Lenko and Kim McCuaig and Lyndsay Dolansky (A Few Good Men)
  • Debra Chantler (Noises Off)
  • Lia Karidas (Mr. Burns, a post-electric play)
  • Liz Demetrious (Evil Dead: The Musical)

Outstanding Lighting Design

  • Andrew Tribe and Joe Recchia (Edges)
  • Ashley Patenaude and Heather Smart (The Monument)
  • Katie Norton (Evil Dead: The Musical)
  • Rob Coles (The Full Monty)
  • Stephen Mitchell (Mr. Burns, a post-electric play)

Outstanding Sound Design

  • Andrew Johnson (A Few Good Men)
  • Peter Mennie (JUDY: Stonewalled!)
  • Rob Richardson (Gypsy)
  • Scott Shpak (Evil Dead: The Musical)
  • Sookie Mei (Noises Off)

Outstanding Director

  • Andrew Tribe and Cameron Carver (Edges)
  • Anne Mooney and Dave Semple and Donald D’Haene (Hosanna)
  • John Iglesias (Evil Dead: The Musical)
  • Lesleigh Turner (Noises Off)
  • Mark Killeen (A Few Good Men)