Nominees and Winners 2018

The 2018 Brickenden Awards

Wolf Performance Hall
Monday, January 28, 2019
Hosted by: Keith Tomasek

Photos by Richard Gilmore

Outstanding Drama

  • Albertine in Five Times (London Community Players)
  • Lunar Landing (Theatre Nemesis)
  • Point of Honour (Arbitrary Angle Theatre Company)
  • The December Man (L’homme de decembre) (London Community Players)
  • This Above All (London Community Players)

Outstanding Comedy

  • A Creetin Christmas! (Banished By The King Productions)
  • Harvest (London Community Players)
  • HIR (Calithumpian Theatre Company)
  • Old Fart (Theatre Praxis)
  • The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of Macbeth (London Community Players)

Outstanding Musical

  • Beauty and the Beast (London Community Players)
  • Dogfight (Allswell Productions)
  • Hello Dolly (Musical Theatre Productions)
  • Next To Normal (Calithumpian Theatre Company)
  • The Light in the Piazza (Musical Theatre Productions)

Outstanding Director

  • Ceris Thomas (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Hailey Hill (Dogfight)
  • John Gerry (HIR)
  • Julia Webb (Point of Honour)
  • Stephen Mitchell (The December Man (L’homme de decembre))

Outstanding Male Actor – Lead Role

  • Colton Abel (Beast, Beauty and the Beast)
  • Mbayo Bona (CB, Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead)
  • Patrick Avery-Kenny (Bernstein, Dogfight)
  • Stephen Ingram (Eddie Birdlace, Dogfight)
  • Todd Baubie (Lawren Harris, This Above All)

Outstanding Female Actor – Lead Role

  • Alicia D’Ariano (Belle, Beauty and the Beast)
  • Bronwyn Powell (Dolly Levi, Hello Dolly)
  • Catharine Sullivan (Prudence Heward, This Above All)
  • Kate Deman (Rose Fenny, Dogfight)
  • Mary Jane Walzak (Charlotte, Harvest)

Outstanding Female Actor – Supporting Role

  • Bronwyn Powell (Signora Nacarelli, The Light in the Piazza)
  • Danie Dixon (Maureen Johnson, RENT)
  • Deana Sigut (Thelma playing Macbeth, The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of Macbeth)
  • Jesslyn Hodgson (Marcy, Dogfight)
  • Melissa Metler (Mrs Potts, Beauty and the Beast)

Outstanding Male Actor – Supporting Role

  • Ben Kennes (Gaston, Beauty and the Beast)
  • Justin Eddy (Angel Dumott Schunard, RENT)
  • Matt Butler (Lumiere, Beauty and the Beast)
  • Sean Brennan (Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast)
  • Zoe Bernard (Max, HIR)

Outstanding Lighting Design

  • Andrew Bragg (Dogfight)
  • John Knight (Next To Normal)
  • Karen Crichton (Hello Dolly)
  • Mark Mooney (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Stephen Mitchell (The Light in the Piazza)

Outstanding Sound Design

  • Andrea Stewart (Hello Dolly)
  • Andrew Rethazi (The Light in the Piazza)
  • Lisa Desgroseilliers (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Lisa Desgroseilliers (HIR)
  • Paul Venesoen (The December Man (L’homme de decembre))

Outstanding Set Design

  • Joe Recchia (Hello Dolly)
  • Kathleen Sykora & Julia Webb (Point of Honour)
  • Kerry Bishop (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Laura Sepulveda (The Light in the Piazza)
  • Stephen Mitchell (HIR)

Outstanding Costume Design

  • Anne Humberstone, Annette Kavelaars-Burrows, Debra Chantler, Mary Jane Walzak, Tania Harvey & Whitney Bolam (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Becky Lenko & Kim McCuaig (Hello Dolly)
  • Elona Thielen (Dogfight)
  • Kristina Baron-Woods (The Light in the Piazza)
  • Marg Bildy (This Above All)

Outstanding Makeup

  • Candice Burgo (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Dawn Gosney (Hello Dolly)
  • Demra Paul-Green (It’s All Holly Jolly)
  • Eva Jacomien (Dogfight)
  • Heather Heywood (The Light in the Piazza)

Outstanding Youth Drama

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (London Central Secondary School)
  • Almost, Maine (Original Kids Theatre Company)
  • It’s A Wonderful Life – A Live Radio Play (Original Kids Theatre Company)
  • Peter and the Starcatcher (AB Lucas Secondary School)
  • The Laramie Project (London South C.I.)

Outstanding Youth Musical

  • A Christmas Story – The Musical (Original Kids Theatre Company)
  • BIG FISH (Original Kids Theatre Company)
  • Fame (Saunders Musical Theatre)
  • Heathers (High School Edition) (Original Kids Theatre Company)
  • The Theory of Relativity (Original Kids Theatre Company)

Outstanding Youth Actor – Female

  • Olivia Farquhar (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Outstanding Youth Actor – Male

  • Devon Dixon (Big Fish)

Outstanding Original Script

  • Finding Fox (Len Cuthbert)
  • Lunar Landing (Jason Rip)
  • Point of Honour (John Krisak)
  • Recovery Show (Clara Madrenas)
  • This Above All (Diane Vandenhoven)

People’s Choice

  • A Creetin Christmas! (Banished By The King Productions)
  • Beauty and the Beast (London Community Players)
  • Dogfight (Allswell Productions)
  • HIR (Calithumpian Theatre Company)
  • SHORT OF 30: A Musical (Fridge Door Live Theatre Company)

Chris Doty Award

  • Jason Rip